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Traditional Values of Criminal Procedure in Terms of IT Development


Traditional Values of Criminal Procedure in Terms of IT Development

Sergey V. Zuev

Abstract: This chapter is devoted to the study of the main lines of IT development in criminal procedure. The purpose of the study is to reveal possible threats to traditional values, as well as to show to what extent information technologies can change the current system of the criminal proceeding. The chapter applies a method of system and complex analysis as well as comparative-law one.

Keywords: Information technology Digital evidence Criminal procedure Information Development

JEL Classification K 490

1 Introduction

Digitalization becomes a key factor in the progressive development of any country. Today we see a transition from the introduction of single electronic means of communications to an integrated development of digital systems in government and inter-government scale. Legal science in general, and criminal procedure in particular can’t stand aloof from this innovation process. At the same time, traditional values of the criminal procedure that have been acknowledged for ages and have earned a social trust (justice, competitiveness, evaluation of the evidence by inner conviction, presumption of innocence, the establishment of truth, etc.) must remain unbreakable. Along with that we observe some threat of their depreciation due to growing digital industry.

In many modern studies of the criminal proceedings, the scientists are increasingly addressing information categories and properties. Information becomes a primary focus, a measure of the matter. In continuation hereof am emphasis is laid on digital information that become something inevitable, growing and wide-spread.




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